Any CenturyLink IPv6 engineers/tech people around?

Brielle Bruns bruns at
Tue Mar 4 21:38:32 UTC 2014

Hello all,

Don't suppose there's any CenturyLink engineers/tech people on this list 
that can look into a problem with their IPv6 6rd service?

Got multiple customers on CenturyLink (including myself), with IPv6 
through their 6rd service since native isn't available yet.  IPv6 
assignments from one customer can't talk to IPv6 assignments on another 
CL customer.

Seems to be in the 6rd server end doing it, as I can set up a direct 
tunnel between customers and it passes IPv6 traffic normally.  I can 
provide more details and some tests if needed from my end.


Brielle Bruns
The Summit Open Source Development Group    /

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