AS path not optimal

David Miller dmiller at
Tue Mar 4 05:37:37 UTC 2014

On 03/03/2014 10:16 PM, ku po wrote:
> One of my client has peering with nlayer and a provider from Asia. It seems
> from one  major ISP in US, the best path is through this Asia provider,
> instead of through nlayer which we want it to be.
> It seems this major ISP does not have a direct peering with nlayer AS 4436
> is the cause of this problem.
> What is the best way to address this problem?

Add BGP communities to your client's announcements directing the Asia
provider to prepend their AS X times (whatever value of X works best for
you) on passing your client's prefixes to that major ISP in the US.

The Asia provider should be able to provide you a list of their BGP
control communities.


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