Managing IOS Configuration Snippets

Robert Drake rdrake at
Sun Mar 2 18:13:41 UTC 2014

On 2/28/2014 9:19 PM, Dale W. Carder wrote:
> If I'm understanding what you're trying to do, you could script around
> our rather unsophisticated 'sgrep' (stanza grep) tool combined with
> scripting around rancid & rcs to do what I think you are looking for.
> sgrep can dump out a "stanza" of ios-like config, then you can rcsdiff
> that to your master, per 'chunk' of config.
> Dale

I'm digging the idea of your command.   Along the same lines I've got 
this awk snippet that I made and then forgot about.  It functions like 
the cisco pipe begin/end commands:


if [ "x${2}" = "x" ]; then
     awk "/${1}/{temp=1}; temp==1{print}"
     awk "/${1}/{temp=1};/${2}/{temp=0}; temp==1{print}"

cat router-confg | begin_regex 'line vty' '!'

If you omit the second argument it just shows you from your match until 
the end of file.

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