Credit to Digital Ocean for ipv6 offering

Bryan Socha bryan at
Tue Jun 17 17:52:00 UTC 2014

> There have also been reports from some DO users of HE tunnels being
blocked. Not sure what the status of that is.

It was all rumors.   All the tunnel providers have been never blocked us or
anyone who wanted to previously add a tunnel to our virtual servers.   HE
has been generously peering with us for both ipv6 transport and their 6to4
nats for awhile.  There was a misunderstanding with SiXXS when we first
started to announce v6 addresses, once cleared up it wasn't a customer
offering things went back to normal.    And it wasn't blocked, they just
didn't allow people to get tunnels for our ipv4 addresses and 1 or 2 got
caught it having their tunnels removed when they went to switch the ip they
were connected to.

If you know of other examples, it's not being reported to us and please let
us know so we can look into it.

> Those of us here in the US are still getting the same ole, "It's coming"

There will be something in the US and EU with v6 in a reasonable amount of
time (although I'm sure not fast enough for some people).  we're not
listing a date because we got stuck behind some scale and non-technical
things that delayed it in the past.

A more in depth answer is we're migrating our backend code to a newer
revision and it was faster to not try to support v6 on both revisions and
concentrate on the migration and v6 (and other coming features) on the
newer version.   It's just faster to get it rolled out everywhere going
this direction.

Bryan Socha
Network Engineer

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