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> On (2014-06-30 13:28 +0930), Glen Turner wrote:
>> After the SFF Committee specifies the registers the operating system vendors or vendors of devices would then add commands to support to toggle the I2C needed to program those registers with MACsec keys, etc.
> This is what I tried to tackle, this creates chicken/egg scenario, no one is
> buying optic, because you can't program it from your router, and you can't
> program it in your router, as no one is using the optic and vendor won't put
> development hours on it.
> If instead there would be standardized (DHCP option like) system to code
> arbitrary value to arbitrary location, you could code the feature, without
> router understanding what it is, after a while, syntactic sugar might be added
> for convenience.

What you really want isn’t DHCP-like, but simple AND-mask OR-set register handling. You’d provide your customers with the magic numbers.

interface …
 gbic-register …

Assuming that the GBIC programming doesn’t change PHY requirements you are done.

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