Next steps in extortion case - ideas?

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Sat Jun 28 23:30:13 UTC 2014

Well, soccer game is here's some information that may help.

You have an interesting dilemma. But I don't think there is much you can
do with law enforcement across borders....except operate a work around
that will attract the attention of media and law enforcement. The law
isn't lazy, it's just busy.

I suggest your operate your own campaign against the extortionists. One
that encourages the gathering of data by offering rewards for pieces of
information that lead to the conviction. You have the chance to tell the
world it's extortion - your info is publicly available as proof you are
pursuing the criminal.

Here's why:
Reminds me of the time I was extorted, legally ! I had to teach a US
bank's lawyer about trademark law. Rather than hand it over to that
asshole. Not all lawyers are assholes, my partners son is a lawyer now.
He's new, so he's working at it. :-) LOL

I had one of the first Internet companies called I was
threatened to stop using it from a bank's lawyer that had the trademark in
the banking class. Even though I had the valid trademark in the telecom
class. Also bank's trademark used the term internally with other banks not
consumers. I told him. Lawyer was a jerk, we discussed him being paid more
to threaten and sue me than to just agree on 5k for me to market a name
change. Said he knew where I lived and he will create a case I just could
not afford. While I was staring at making payroll, the math took only 5
seconds to calculate that he was right. On the third call I told him I
never stopped, because I never received a letter from him to cease and
desist. That he could just be a voice on the phone, a future competitor
tricking me. Couple days later I got the letter officially threatening to

After getting the letter it kept me up all night. (I was usually up
resetting stuck dialup modems anyways). I decided to teach this lawyer
International trademark law. I immediately contacted the new
(gee, wonder where they got that name idea). I asked if they wanted the
.com that I had to release it. They offered me some free hosting that I
never used. Told them to call the Internic in 24 hours. They got it. A
week later the lawyer called said what did I do to him! I said, what do
you mean. I did exactly as your letter stated. I stopped using it as it
instructed. You mean someone overseas has the .com now? Oh, well looks
like you need to brush up on international trademark law now. Let's see
you explain this to the bank.

Bank never got the one .com domain name the world can use. You see, while
the law was on my side, it didn't matter. I needed the time and money to
make the law work for me.

So sometimes you have to do something knowing you are in the right and at
the same time something that makes you feel as good as possible about a
bad situation. All the while operate within the law, or as close to the
line as you can walk it.

Concept Basic Outline:
You have an international legal problem, therefore you need to do the math
- math doesn't work out for you unless you're really Bill Gates hiding
behind this email address. Because, one of those law agencies across a
border is likely to take money from the guy you're after and not
cooperate. So give that idea up.

The Concept is work, you will feel good you are doing something about it,
it will be your testimony to the world the things are not true and most of
all if you do it right it may work.

Create a situation that creates public and media awareness. Build a site
against this sort of thing. Post as much info you gather as possible and
gather leads from anyone. Have a little fund to gather the data from
others...for example.

$1000 for the name of the true web site owner extortionist. Explain the
details of what that means clearly. Have a rumor posting blog section
where others that have had this occur can post. Maybe you create something
that locates this operation in good time.

Hire a good SEO person to help - make sure your web domains attract just
as much search attention. Get your domain name in your name - so that if
his info pops up your site link also pops up. Play an SEO war game. If the
exposure is to hot he may pull back rather than get caught. But leave this
in place, make it bigger than yourself and your dilemma. Help others that
end up new victims of the same situation.

After it's functional, maybe you can even use one of those free raise
money sites for this good cause against criminals. Create a place others
can turn, turn it into a .org that makes you and others a paycheck! At the
same time you will end up helping law enforcement. They are always
watching and openly attend ARIN/NANOG meetings. They come to get ideas
from us.  ( Isn't that right Bobby ? )

Just a thought.

Bob Evans

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> Hi list,
> nothing operational here, but there are many smart minds on this list
> and people working for telcos, ISPs and law enforcement agencies, so
> maybe you are willing to give me some advice in the following case:
> There's an individual out there on the web that has been blackmailing
> hundreds of people and companies in a specific area of business for
> years. His scheme is: 1. Contact the alleged "debtor" via e-mail and
> inform him about an existing debt claim by a third party. 2. Offer the
> debtor a deadline to pay the debt and warn the debtor if he shouldn't
> pay he'll be prosecuted and his case will be "made public". 3. Once the
> deadline has elapsed, he'll publish completely false information made
> out of thin air on the web, in particular Facebook, Twitter, a blog, a
> website, including pictures of the debtor and serious accusations like
> "This debtor is a child molestor" or "This debtor is part of the mafia"
> and other crazy stuff that you can usually only see in movies. All of
> course with real names, company information (if applicable) and
> basically everything he can find out about the debtor. 4. Then, the
> individual hopes that the debtor will be intimidated because the debtor
> is afraid of the false information about him, which will show up on
> Google etc., and will finally pay to get this false information removed
> from the web.

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