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Appreciate the Clarification Darden, I wasn't aware Spamhaus had this other division / service, time for some reading.

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I feel like you are conflating DOS and DDOS.  DOS attacks can be bandwidth related, but they can also be malformed packets, injections, etc. ad nauseum.  DDOS are almost always, as you say, bandwidth wars.

The Spamhaus BGPF project has nothing to do with Spam--it is an attempt to provide filters for botnets and other malware hosts/nets, including DDOS and some DOS attacks.  However, it will only work if you use it--with the chance for false positives implicitly there.

The CYMRU FULLBOGON list won't help with DOS or DDOS--it is simply a list of martians, netbloks, and allocated but unassigned IP space.  Well worth using, and a fabulous resource.

--patrick darden

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That wont stop a DoS.

A DoS or DDoS is pure bandwidth wars for the most part, if someone is to DoS you, they already have your IP's and urls they need to attack you, thus a spam list won't stop an attack.

If you want to minimize actual spam, sure.

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Hi all,


We're evaluating whether to add BGP feeds from these two sources in attempt to minimize exposure to DoS.


The Team Cymru BOGON list ( or


looks promising and common-sense. 


We already filter RFC1918 inbound at our edge, and are interested to see if adding the rest of the blocks will have a significant positive effect.


If it does, we're planning to try the IPv4 FULLBOGON list:


We're a little more leery about trying Spamhaus's BGPf service (DROP, EDROP and BCL,



because we really want to avoid false positives. 


Just wondering if anyone has any words of caution ("False positives! Avoid FULLBOGONS and Spamhaus!"), or words of praise ("Do it all! These services are wonderful!") before we take the plunge.




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