Owning a name

John Levine johnl at iecc.com
Fri Jun 27 05:00:29 UTC 2014

In article <53ACEE1A.5010404 at cox.net> you write:
>Have not seen much discussion about this.

The aroma of BS is pretty intense here.  There was a press release
last week saying that she'd filed the case, and no Federal court would
rule in a week. I've been looking for the case in PACER, and don't see
anything filed this year against ICANN so the case doesn't even exist.

Further clues:

* ICANN has no agreement with Iran for .ir nor the new IDN domain, so
  .ir pays ICANN nothing.

* Address space for Iranian networks come from RIPE, not ICANN.  If Iran
  pays any address space maintenance fees, they'd go to RIPE, which is in
  Europe, not in the U.S.


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