Pieter Hulshoff phulshof at
Wed Jun 25 05:57:40 UTC 2014

On 25-06-14 04:57, Aris Lambrianidis wrote:
> How much ahead of my time would I be if I was to ask for CFP/CFP2
> transceivers supporting MACsec? (at a reasonably competitive price)

So far, most requests I got were for 1 Gbps, and some for 10 Gbps. 
You're the first to mention 100 Gbps, so my guess is that you're ahead 
of the curve. Frankly, we're still in the process of designing 10 Gbps 
in this format, and don't have a CFP platform for smart S/CFPs ready 
yet, but I'll certainly keep it in mind, especially if more people show 
interest. Some of our larger customers may be interested in it, so I'll 
check with them.

Kind regards,

Pieter Hulshoff

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