Saku Ytti saku at
Tue Jun 24 09:09:31 UTC 2014

On (2014-06-24 10:55 +0200), Pieter Hulshoff wrote:

> So basically a 1G connection to the switch, buffering with frame drop, and a
> tri-rate RJ45 connector? Sounds like something that could easily be built

Yes, also similar solution for 10GE SFP+.

Not sure what price should be 50EUR for 1GE and 100EUR for 10GE definitely
would be marketable, but they likely could cost more.
Like always, market increases as price decreases, so it might be possible to
push NRE costs to early adopters then price drop to reach wider market.

> Probably the most complex part is to build a business case for it to pitch
> to our management. Would anyone be willing to email me a price indication,
> and perhaps an indication of how many of these products would be needed? No
> obligations of course; just to get an idea of whether a business case can be
> built?

I'm not ready to commit, because timing is critical here, as such part does
not exist, people have found some solution, solution usually means retaining
the previous-generation switch in pop, just to subrate the new-generation
But this uses lot of electricity usually and it wastes rack space, so it might
be easy to show how in just electricity costs you can recover costs in under a
year. If switch takes 150W, that's approximately 150 EUR per year for
electricity. If SFP takes 1W, yearly savings on electricity alone are 149EUR.
MTBF is probably better, due to no separate PSU and ability to capitalize on
redundant PSU of host.


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