short, two part question ICANN Vs. The World

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What do you mean by if anyone can see it?
The lines are now closed off from the public's view.. but the textbooks still teach you that you should be able to have access freely.  Is it the data on the hard line that you're worried people can see?

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Short answer,

Yes .. provided you don't care if anyone can see it.

Take a look at what NEW.NET tried with DNS back in the day.


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Subject: short, two part question ICANN Vs. The World

Topic: ICANN Vs. The World.

The question at hand is.. Do countries/businesses have to affiliate or utilize any of those services provided by ICANN other than the assignment of an IP address?  And can you get away with LAN/CAN/MAN stand-alone systems [instead of utilizing DNS-via-ICANN]??
Is it legal to cut off those DNS systems and loop in backwards?  (instead of bidirectional).  **  I don't want my city/schools/other systems hooked into the World Wide Web. // someone let me know when you get a chance.

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