Pieter Hulshoff phulshof at
Mon Jun 23 09:13:57 UTC 2014


Last year some people on this list expressed interest in smart SFP 
options, like e.g. MACsec. As a network consultant and systems architect 
with AimValley in the Netherlands, I'm currently in the process of 
gathering feature and market information for such a device, and I would 
welcome some feedback from interested people. Discussion about other 
types of smart SFPs would also be welcome. Feel free to contact me 
directly using the contact information below.

Kind regards,

Pieter Hulshoff
Network Consultant & Systems Architect
Aimvalley B.V.
Utrechtseweg 38
1213 TV Hilversum
+31 35 689 1936
phulshof at

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