Ars Technica on IPv4 exhaustion

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Mon Jun 23 01:56:01 UTC 2014

On Jun 22, 2014, at 6:41 PM, Darren Pilgrim <nanog at> wrote:

> On 6/18/2014 11:49 AM, TJ wrote:
>> Yeah, Verizon and VZW are not the same animal ... FiOS *needs* to get their
>> IPv6 house in order.
>> Anyone have any information on that front ...?
> For FiOS, the ONTs do transparent muckery at the IP level and aren't yet capable of equivalent IPv6 muckery.  Verizon is also quite confident they don't actually have to do anything about it.  Instead, they'll just roll out 6RD relays like Qwest/Centurylink did.  You didn't REALLY need a 1480 MTU, did you?
> For Comcast business services, the SMC box on my demarc panel isn't IPv6 capable and neither are any of Comcast's other business CPE.

Not true. The Netgear CCB tried to install here just a couple of days ago is IPv6 capable. Unfortunately, it breaks IPv4 by not being capable of bridge mode and insisting on NATing everything inside unless you subscribe to static IPv4 addresses from Comcast.

OTOH, you can supply your own Motorola Surfboard DOCSIS 3 modem and it works just fine with Comcast Business.


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