Canada and IPv6 (was: Ars Technica on IPv4 exhaustion)

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Fri Jun 20 20:17:35 UTC 2014

The point is that you can offer IPv6 to a lot of people using various instatntiations of but using globally unique IPv6 addresses providing them full true internet access without NAT.

Yes, 6rd is a stopgap, but 6rd stopgap is better than multi-natted IPv4 only.


On Jun 20, 2014, at 07:22 , Gabriel Blanchard <gabe at> wrote:

> 6rd is in my opinion a band-aid solution, I don't see the point of offering IPv6 if it requires IPv4. native IPv6 should be offered where possible.
> We offer native IPv6 to all our DSL customers but only on an opt-in basis, we're although unfortunately unable to offer IPv6 over Cable since we still depend on a certain incumbent...
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> Videotron (AS5769) is offering 6RD (RFC5969) to all residential customers, if their gear supports it. (DHCP option 212)
> (But our MGMT still calls it beta for now.)
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>> On 6/18/2014 14:25, Lee Howard wrote:
>>> Canada is way behind, just 0.4% deployment.
>> Any Canadian ISP folk in here want to shine a light on this dearth of 
>> residential IPv6 connectivity?
>> Is there any progress being made on this front?
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>> Sadiq Saif

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