Ars Technica on IPv4 exhaustion

Lee Howard Lee at
Thu Jun 19 21:40:26 UTC 2014

On 6/19/14 5:02 PM, "John Curran" <jcurran at> wrote:

>On Jun 19, 2014, at 4:27 PM, Ricky Beam <jfbeam at> wrote:
>> On Thu, 19 Jun 2014 14:35:55 -0400, John Curran <jcurran at>
>>>  Any suggestions on how ARIN should reach those CIO's in the meantime?
>> Refuse additional IPv4 assignments to those who have not deployed IPv6.
>>And not just been assigned a v6 block, but actually running IPv6 to
>>every customer who asks. (hard to police, sure.)
>> ...
>Ricky - 
>   You should consider submitting this as policy proposal
>   <>

I support the idea of new policy proposals, but by the time this made it
through a policy cycle, ARIN would have run out of unallocated IPv4
addresses.  A similar constraint could be applied to recipients of IPv4
transfers; the community would want to consider that very carefully.

Would there be a similar constraint for CDNs, hosting companies, and cloud

btw, Ricky, if you want support in getting your proposal submitted, John
will team you up with somebody on the superlative Advisory Council, many of whom are watching this list.


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