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In message <E6F570A1-3911-437F-897F-81CB569377C1 at>, Owen DeLong write
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> > However, I also don't think consumer education is the answer:
> >
> > Summary: Until it is perfectly clear why a consumer needs IPv6, and =
> what
> > they need to do about it, consumer education will only cause fear and
> > frustration, which will not be helpful. This is a technology problem, =
> not
> > a feature problem, and consumers shouldn't have to select which =
> Internet
> > to be on.
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> > Lee
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> Short of consumer education, how do you expect to resolve the issue =
> where $CONSUMER walks into $BIG_BOX_CE_STORE and says "I need a router, =
> what's the cheapest one you have?"
> Whereupon $TEENAGER_MAKING_MINIMUM_WAGE who likely doesn't know DOCSIS 2 =
> from DOCSIS 3, has no idea what IP actually is, and thinks that Data is =
> an android from Star Trek says "Here, this Linksys thing is only $30."
> Unless/until we either get the stores to pull the IPv4-only stuff off =
> their shelves or educate consumers, the continued deployment of =
> additional incapable equipment will be a continuing problem. As bad as =
> the situation is for cablemodems and residential gateways, at least =
> there, an educated consumer can make a good choice. Now, consider DVRs, =
> BluRay players, Receiver/Amplifiers, Televisions, etc. where there are, =
> currently, no IPv6 capable choices available to the best of my =
> knowledge.
> Owen
IPv6 is out there but you only seem get it in the quad radio boxes
along with the corresponding price tag.

We are already seeing reports of consumers complaining because they
can't get a unshared IPv4 address when they move providers from DSL
to Fibre and it breaks what they were doing on the DSL line.  In
this case it was DS-Lite providing the shared address but CGN or
NAT64+DNS64 would also be a problem.  The NAS box was no longer
reachable because the other side was IPv4 only.

I suspect this is the start of a long line of complaints because ISP's
have been too slow in delivering IPv6 to *everyone* so that people are
isolated from each other protocol wise.

Note it is not like you have not been told for years that this day
is coming.


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