Applications that break when not using /64

Saku Ytti saku at
Wed Jun 18 10:53:00 UTC 2014

On (2014-06-17 23:13 +0200), Jeroen Massar wrote:

> Except for SLAAC that requires a /64 due to it using EUI-48 to make up
> the address, which "applications" are these, as those applications are
> broken by design.

Strictly speaking SLAAC standard does not care about network size, you could
specify standard using SLAAC for arbitrary media with arbitrary network size.
In Ethernet EUI-64 is used, but that is not hard technical limitation, infact
Cisco IOS happily will accept any prefix size in Ethernet and SLAAC will work
SLAAC never makes any guarantees of uniqueness which implies network can be
arbitrarily small, as some other method (DAD) is needed for uniqueness


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