FW: Getting pretty close to default IPv4 route maximum for 6500/7600routers.

Nick Hilliard nick at foobar.org
Fri Jun 13 15:01:16 UTC 2014

On 13/06/2014 15:54, Jon Lewis wrote:
> I was just looking at / thinking about this again, and though I don't
> disagree that doing the split your way is probably better, I think it's a
> moot point.  I strongly suspect these boxes will run out of RAM before
> they're able to utilize another 256k routing slots with multiple full v4
> tables.

to a certain extent that depends on what software you're using.  12.x seems
to be a good bit more memory efficient than 15.x on the sup720.  Otherwise
yeah, RP memory is the next critical limiting factor on these boxes,
assuming if you can live with the crippling convergence times with large
numbers of prefixes.


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