routing issues to AWS via 2914(NTT)

Christopher Rogers phiber at
Thu Jun 12 16:55:42 UTC 2014

Could an IP engineer from AWS (16509/14618) and one from NTT (2914) kindly
contact me off-list?  AS18888 is having some major reachability issues to
you via 2914.  Several of our applications and users are reporting problems
trying to reach various aws hosted services such as netflix and twilio.
 I'm seeing almost 50% packet loss when transiting to you via 2914.
 Forcing traffic onto 3356 clears the issue right up.  I've had to
effectively shift all my ingress traffic off 2914 and de-pref aws as-path
to force egress to other transit.

We're a customer of 2914, but not AWS.  I've got a ticket open with 2914,
and they've reached out to AWS, but it's been two days now and we haven't
been getting any traction on this.



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