Getting pretty close to default IPv4 route maximum for 6500/7600 routers.

Saku Ytti saku at
Wed Jun 11 06:28:07 UTC 2014

On (2014-06-10 12:39 -0500), Blake Hudson wrote:

> Please correct me if I'm wrong, but if the BGP table contains ~500k
> prefixes, which are then summarized into ~300k routes (RIB), and the FIB
> contains only the "best path" entries from the RIB, wouldn't the FIB be at
> or below 300k?

There is nothing to summarize away from global BGP table, if you have number
showing less, it's probably counter bug or misinterpretation.
Global BGP table, single BGP feed, will take same amount of RIB and FIB.

You can see your FIB use in 'show plat hard capa pfc':

#show platform hardware capacity pfc 
 Module              FIB TCAM usage:                     Total        Used     %Used
   2                     72 bits (IPv4, MPLS, EoM)      884736      712819     81%
                        144 bits (IP mcast, IPv6)       81920        19235     23%

You're probably bit better off than I am :)


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