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Patrick W. Gilmore patrick at
Sat Jun 7 00:36:56 UTC 2014


While you & I don't have the best relationship ever, I would not - and did not - do anything of the sort. I'm a little more, let's say, blunt about my displeasures. You don't have to believe me, but those are the facts.

Also, just to be clear again, I have zero problem with pointing out the impersonation, I was questioning the "speculators" part. I.e. You implied you would not send that, and I wondered why you wouldn't. But since you think it is off-topic (and I did not), that's a perfectly valid reason not to send such posts. Thank you for clearing it up.


On Jun 06, 2014, at 20:24 , Richard Bennett <richard at> wrote:

> I wanted the NANOG community to know that someone is impersonating me. I don't send off-topic links from dodgy blogs to email lists.
> I now have a pretty good idea as to who the impersonator is; it seems that Gilmore has too much time on his hands.
> RB
> On 6/6/14, 5:06 PM, Patrick W. Gilmore wrote:
>> I believe I listed 3.
>> And there are multiple times I have posted similar items in the past.
>> Just curious about the "speculators" thing. But I think we're off-topic, so apologies to the audience for extra email in their inboxes. I've sent reply-to to my personal address to avoid this blowing up (although I don't know if mailman will respect that).
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