ipmi access

Nikolay Shopik shopik at inblock.ru
Mon Jun 2 19:13:42 UTC 2014

On 02.06.2014 21:39, Jeroen Massar wrote:
> Source won't help too much, as upgrading the kernel will require a lot
> more magic than just that.
> Also, do you have time to support all the different IPMI boxes out there
> while your vendor should be doing that work?

Agree, but most IPMI cards we get recently doesn't increase cost of
Motherboards (well it does, but not that much as vendor would like to
get from you). Especially if you compare prices of MB of 5-7 years ago
w/o onboard IPMI.

> For the toolchain, see amongst others:
>  http://michael.stapelberg.de/Artikel/supermicro_ipmi_openvpn
> Note that the big problem with "embedded" devices (be that an Android
> phone, your TV set, your dishwasher, an IPMI device, your car or one of
> thousand "media players") is: they get popped in a box and they will
> rarely if ever get an update after that.

As long its not mass product and have different types of all kinds hw,
it will be fragmented and will be unsupported right after release.

> The market has to change to support that, and it likely won't unless the
> prices for toys are going to go up sky high to be able to pay for
> somebody doing that work.

Well Dell/HP users pay premium for IPMI, it doesn't change that.

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