ipmi access

Jack Bates jbates at paradoxnetworks.net
Mon Jun 2 14:29:41 UTC 2014

I keep 2 vpn servers. ACL's at router to ipmi vlan, plus whatever 
additional security ipmi happens to have.

I'm of the belief that vpn servers should be redundant. Kinda silly to 
lose one and not have access to your network. :)


On 6/2/2014 7:10 AM, Randy Bush wrote:
> so how to folk protect yet access ipmi?  it is pretty vulnerable, so 99%
> of the time i want it blocked off.  but that other 1%, i want kvm
> console, remote media, and dim sum.
> currently, i just block the ip address chunk into which i put ipmi at
> the border of the rack.  when i want access, i reconfig the acl.  bit of
> a pita.
> anyone care to share better idea(s)?  thanks.
> randy

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