New BCOPs in Progress

Chris Grundemann cgrundemann at
Sun Jun 1 21:25:04 UTC 2014

Hail NANOGers!

As most of you hopefully know, NANOG now has a BCOP Ad Hoc Committee
and we are pushing forward with new BCOPs!

We currently have three BCOPs in active development:

eBGP configuration, shepherd Bill Armstrong
Public Peering Exchange update, shepherd Shawn Hsiao
Ethernet OAM, shepherd Mark Calkins

All three of these nascent BCOPs will be presented in the BCOP Track
on Monday:

We have also collected a list of Appeals (BCOPs that need to be

If you would like to help out with any of these BCOPs (or others yet
to be identified) please join the BCOP mailing list and reach out to
the shepherd (if applicable of course):

Our committee is brand new and we are still finding and smoothing
wrinkles, etc. We would love your help in any capacity. As a BCOP
shepherd or SME or just to point out potential pit falls or room for
improvement, with the process, the wiki, a BCOP or anything at all

This is a bottom-up, community led effort and it will only succeed
with your help - join us in creating what I believe will be a vital
and long-lasting institution!



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