Richard Bennett, NANOG posting, and Integrity

Matthew Petach mpetach at
Tue Jul 29 00:45:19 UTC 2014

On Mon, Jul 28, 2014 at 2:35 PM, Jim Richardson <weaselkeeper at>

> I pay for (x) bits/sec up/down. From/to any eyecandysource.  If said
> eyecandy origination can't handle the traffic, then I see a slowdown,
> that's life.  But if <$IP_PROVIDER> throttles it specifically, rather
> than throttling me to (x),I consider that fraud.
> I didn't pay for (x) bits/sec from some whitelist of sources only.
Hey, just wait until the eyeball networks decide
they can charge different amounts depending
upon their view of the morality of the content
being sent...


"OK, let's see...Netflix traffic, they get charged
$2/mb extra, because they show adult situations
and brief nudity.  Pornhub show explicit material,
but it's mostly boobs and butts, so we'll look the
other way, and only charge them $4/mb to get
past the choke point (because there's no such
thing as a fast lane with QoS, there's only normal
and "be glad we didn't throw it *all* on the floor").
Oh don't like
the idea of naked dudes getting it on over our
wires...for them, it's $100/mb if they want their
bits to make it to our users.  Guess they'll have
to jack the price of their content *waaay* up.
*sound of high fives all around* "


Hey, if they don't have to be neutral about it,
why not enforce their morality through differential
pricing, while they're at it?

We could even have differential pricing based
on days of the week.

"Oh, you want to send your movies to our users
on the holy day, when they should be praying?
For that privilege, it will cost you 10x what it
does on any other day, for you are luring our
users into vice and depravity."

That "whitelist" must be sounding pretty darn
tempting to some executives right about now.
Forget about censoring content on the internet
that they don't like...they can just bill arbitrarily
high rates to let it get through.  Price it high
enough, and nobody will watch it anymore, and
they can go to bed happy.

getting ready to start a mail-order DVD service
that doesn't charge extra based on what you want
to watch...

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