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On Mon, Jul 28, 2014 at 1:53 AM, Richard Bennett <richard at> wrote:
> In fact Netflix is asking to connect to eyeball networks for free:

Yeah, because when I pay UPS on my corporate account to pick up a
package in California and deliver it to me in Virginia, the guy at the
pickup in California is asking UPS to deliver it for free.

Your claim is twisted man. Twisted. I pay Verizon to connect me to
Netflix and the rest of the Internet at substantial speed. Netflix
demands only that Verizon give me what I paid for.

> This isn't the traditional understanding of net neutrality, but this is the
> beauty of murky notions: they can be redefined as the fashions change:

There is no "traditional" understanding of net neutrality. The term
was co-opted to mean many different things the moment it entered
political awareness, before any tradition could develop.

> "You've designed your network to handle the traffic demands of web browsing?
> That's cute, now rebuild it to handle 40 times more traffic while I sit back
> and call you a crook for not anticipating my innovation."

Right, because how could anyone anticipate that more than a handful of
folks might want to use 5 or 6 mbps of traffic on a 25mbps flat-rate
product for hours at a time. How rude to suggest that an allegedly
high speed network designed only to handle the traffic demands of web
browsing is little different than that age old confidence scheme, the
pig in a poke.

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