Richard Bennett, NANOG posting, and Integrity

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Mon Jul 28 06:15:33 UTC 2014

Now that's more than a little disingenuous.  Until a week or so ago, 
pretty much all of the FIOS plans were asynchronous - a 15meg down/5meg 
up network was not designed for web browsing and email.

For that matter, Verizon is currently billing their lowest speed FIOS 
plan, at 50up/50down as "Stream 2 HD videos simultaneously" and for only 
$20/mo. more you can "stream up to 7 HD videos simultaneously"

Miles Fidelman

Richard Bennett wrote:
> In fact Netflix is asking to connect to eyeball networks for free:
> " Strong net neutrality additionally prevents ISPs from charging a 
> toll for interconnection to services like Netflix, YouTube, or Skype, 
> or intermediaries such as Cogent, Akamai or Level 3, to deliver the 
> services and data requested by ISP residential subscribers. Instead, 
> they must provide sufficient access to their network without charge."
> This isn't the traditional understanding of net neutrality, but this 
> is the beauty of murky notions: they can be redefined as the fashions 
> change: "You've designed your network to handle the traffic demands of 
> web browsing? That's cute, now rebuild it to handle 40 times more 
> traffic while I sit back and call you a crook for not anticipating my 
> innovation."
> Very wow.
> RB
> On 7/27/14, 9:49 PM, Matt Palmer wrote:
>> On Sun, Jul 27, 2014 at 09:08:17PM -0700, Richard Bennett wrote:
>>> I don't think it's conflation, Joly, since the essence of NN is for
>>> the eyeballs to pay for the entire cost of the network and for edge
>>> providers to use it for free; isn't that what Netflix is asking the
>>> FCC to impose under the guise of "strong net neutrality?"
>> In a word: no.  Net neutrality is about everyone paying their own way 
>> to get
>> their packets to where they want them to go.  Netflix doesn't get to 
>> use the
>> Internet "for free"; they pay a whole heck of a lot each month to L3 and
>> Cogent.
>> - Matt

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice.
In practice, there is.   .... Yogi Berra

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