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Minor nit: McDowell is a former two term commissioner, but was not a 
chairman. He is, however, a real standout in terms of understanding the 
Internet and has many of the most coherent comments of any commissioner 
since his appointment. He was a leader in the campaign to push back the 
attempts of the ITU to establish sovereignty over interconnection and to 
apply telecom tariffs to the Internet.

It's worth noting that there was a time when Internet policy at the 
national level was not the ideological exercise that it has become. 
There was very little difference between Clinton's last FCC chairman 
(Kennard) and Bush 43's first chairman (Powell) on the general approach 
of the federal government to the Internet. Powell was, after all, the 
chairman who first articulated "Internet Freedom" goals in his famous 
"Four Freedoms" speech in Boulder in 2004; see:

It's a shame that people can't discuss principles of network policy 
today without first signing a loyalty oath to one of the political 
parties. It seems to me that Kennard, Powell, Wheeler, McDowell, and 
current commissioner Pai have all articulated great ideas about Internet 
policy that stand on their own without regard to political affiliations.


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> Relevant article by former FCC Chair

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