[OPINION] Best place in the US for NetAdmins

charles at thefnf.org charles at thefnf.org
Fri Jul 25 20:45:01 UTC 2014

On 2014-07-22 18:20, Nolan Rollo wrote:
> I've been trying to decide for a while what makes a good home for a
> Network Admin... access to physical, reliable upstream routes? good
> selection of local taverns? What, in your opinion, makes a good
> location for a Network Admin and where in the US would you find that?

Hmmmm. That's a great question.

Well does the network admin mostly travel to job sites? Or work 
remotely? If either/both are true,
I'd suggest the DFW area. It's a major hub in both internet and travel 
respects. (I fly American Airlines exclusively, I live in Austin. Most 
flights are AUS-DFW-$FINALHOP).

> Also, I'd like to introduce myself [[ o/ ]] I've been watching the
> list for a while now and have found it helpful with picking up some
> "best practices", getting use-case scenarios you might not see in text
> books.

Is that code for "all you crazies doing crazy things for crazier 
bosses?" :)

Welcome to the list sir!

  I attended Michigan Tech for Computer Networking and System
> Administration and have been bouncing around for a couple of years
> trying to find my calling.

Yeah. That happens.

  I've been working a lot with VoIP and
> that's been my interest ever since middle school. I've been mainly
> playing with stub networks for most of my life but have recently
> started working with larger routed networks, leading me to subscribe
> to the NANOG list.


My latest endeavor was acquiring and ASN and a /24
> from ARIN and multihoming a very small MSP.

Oooo. How did that go for you? What upstreams did you connect with? How 
painful was it? How much convincing did it take to get management to go 
along? What are the post implementation improvements? etc etc.

I've been fortunate enough
> to have really sharp mentors to help answer any questions I've had
> along the way. I know there must be quite a few people like myself
> that are lurking on the list and I just wanted to thank you guys for
> answering other questions and providing input on
>   topics that have come through the list.

Yes. Many lurkers, many off list replies to most threads. Did you get 
any awesome off list replies? Summarize them back to the list?

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