EFF gets into the CPE router software business..

George Herbert george.herbert at gmail.com
Fri Jul 25 05:06:38 UTC 2014

Any idea how well CeroWRT stands up to nation-state level intrusion efforts?

George William Herbert
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> On Jul 24, 2014, at 10:24 AM, charles at thefnf.org wrote:
>> On 2014-07-24 12:04, Valdis Kletnieks wrote:
>> So the EFF is pushing development of an open CPU router
>> https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2014/07/building-open-wireless-router
>> https://openwireless.org/
>> It's currently targeting WNDR3800's and based on the CeroWRT software
>> (which works pretty well in my own experience).
>> What will possibly be interesting in this forum is that it's explicitly
>> targeting having open guest wireless access (unlike the stuff being pushed
>> by some ISPs, where you can roam but only to other customers of the same
>> ISP).
>> !DSPAM:53d13dc965333732154236!
> The Free Network Foundation (which I co founded and am CTO of) has been helping several groups in the USA do this for ~1 year now. EFF is simply rebranding/respinning community networking, but they are pretty new to the USA Free Networks party overall. They just have a bigger budget/brand recognition (though FreedomTower has become a pretty resilient brand based on the e-mails we get on a daily basis). Also I'm not sure of the level of support/hand holding/documentation etc EFF will provide for folks wanting to build a network off this setup (I'm guessing not much).  Also most incumbent carriers prevent sharing (where FNF supported/assisted/collaborative/affiliated US based efforts back haul (over high capacity wifi or VPN over incumbent circuits) to wholesale colocation facilities POP and do things like monitor [email protected] contacts etc. (Ya know, actually responsibly run an ISP).
> I'd rather of seen them partner with FNF, (or actually much more preferable would be upstream wrt projects like QMP) and not spin YET ANOTHER FIRMWARE.
> I'm glad they picked CeroWRT though.

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