Netflix To Cogent To World

Livingood, Jason Jason_Livingood at
Thu Jul 24 17:00:21 UTC 2014

On 7/23/14, 1:18 PM, "Adam Rothschild" <asr at> wrote:

>Comcast¹s position is that they could buy transit from some obscure
>networks who don¹t really have a viable transit offering, such as DT and
>China Telecom, and implement some convoluted load balancing mechanism to
>scale up traffic.
>(I believe this was in one of Jason Livingood¹s posts to
>broadbandreports, unfortunately I don¹t have a citation handy.)

I¹m pretty sure I didn¹t say specifically that DT and China Telecom were
options. I probably pointed out the lack of delivery problems prior to
using delivery partners like Cogent (such as via Akamai or Limelight) and
that delivery alternatives existed. But that¹s in the past - we¹re in a
pretty good spot w/Netflix traffic right now, though we continue to add
capacity as you¹d expect.


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