Starting a greenfield(ish) small (10k subs?) multihomed (two ASN) , dual stacked, wireless ISP - i can haz advice?

charles at charles at
Wed Jul 23 16:58:59 UTC 2014

Hey everybody,

So all this talk about monopolies, small ISPs vs the big bad netflix  , 
muni fiber etc etc has been interesting. Lots and lots of talk, lots of 
interesting links etc.

I'm an action/results oriented individual, and have been working on 
actually building out a grassroots ISP, instead of just talking about 
it. :)

Over the past year or so, I've been involved with an effort to launch a 
community ISP in the Kansas City MO area. It's got several towers up now 
and a decent amount of users. It's been funded by the community that it 
serves. Feel free to ask any questions you have about the details. It's 
an open network in all aspects (design, business model etc). It is 
intentionally designed/operated in such a way that all aspects can be 

We are now ready to take the next step and obtain an ASN and v6 space 
(also looks like we can get a /24 of v4 space as well).

What are the things that we should do before we get those resources? 
What should we do immediately after? What books/rfc/bcp should we be 
most familiar with?

As is typical of many small outfits, we have an incredibly high degree 
of software skill, and a limited budget which goes entirely to hardware.

This is a greenfield network. We've got Ubiquiti gear for the backbone. 
Running a mix of QMP routers with BMX6 as the IGP linked over AirOS l2 
bridge "pseudowires". We'll be homed to two AS upstreams. Using pfSense 
as the WAN edge routers.

 From all my reading of the list, it seems like key things to do in this 

1) Have full flow telemetry at all points to help with (D)DOS 
2) Do CGN in pools (so perhaps ~500 to 1k users behind each IP)?
3) Provision a /56 of v6 space to each end user. I was thinking of 
having the CPE with CeroWRT and be multi SSID with a /64 per. I'm 
interested in folks thoughts on this?
4) Upsell a public v4 address if someone requires it
5) Of course implement bcp38

I'm mostly interested in technical feedback. Business model etc type 
feedback is welcome as well, but not the primary purpose of this 
message. :)


Charles Wyble
CTO Free Network Foundation

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