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> > Cause my mailer isn't RFC 2919 compliant. Sorry.
> Zimbra has had open "follow the damn RFC's"
> tickets out there for a number of years. 

I know.

I wrote the vast majority of them, when I installed 5.x
in 2009.

>                                         Perhaps
> it is past time to migrate away (fool me once,
> shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.
> Fool me for three consecutive version upgrades....)

The machine my personal Z6 server is on, since I left that job,
is 64 bit, but I only had 32 bit Centos5 laying around to install it
with at that time, and to upgrade Zimbra I now *have to* upgrade the
OS as well, which boosts the tuit requirements enough notches that I
just haven't done it yet.  It's about to be replaced by something 
much newer and faster, which will get Z8... and then I'll retarget all
the tickets which they likely *still* haven't fixed.  :-}

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