Muni Fiber and Politics

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> >> Ironically, I've had the opposite experience. The nearby Dulles Toll
> >> Road, Greenway and Beltway HOT lanes are all in much better condition
> >> than all but a few of the rest of the local roads. My buddies out
> >> at don't keep the roads in as good shape, but
> >> they are in excellent repair for an organization that maintains 157
> >> miles of roads on a $1M annual budget. Vastly better than what I've seen
> >> a municipality achieve for the same price.
> >
> > Stop it, Bill.
> >
> > Owen didn't say "privately owned *toll road*"; "very wealthy gated
> > communities" are even still rarely large enough to need their own
> > turnpikes.
> >
> > If you keep setting up straw men, we'll be happy to knock them down
> > for you, but you'll end up looking a little foolish.
> (A) The referenced example, the HOVE RMC, is 157 miles of privately
> owned road which is neither a toll road nor a gated community.

That was one example of 4, the last.  The other appear to be toll roads,
though I don't live in the neighborhood.

> (B) That was a private message to you and Owen. Is there a particular
> reason you felt the need to add nanog back to the recipients list?

Cause my mailer isn't RFC 2919 compliant.  Sorry.

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