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> Lots of blame to go around. Verizon isn't an eyeball only network
> (Comcast would have a more difficult time describing itself as
> anything but), so a reasonable peering policy should apply. In
> Verizon's case, 1.8:1. I speculate that without Netflix, Cogent and
> L3 are largely within the specifications of their peering agreements.
> Netflix knows how much traffic it sends. If its transit is doing
> their due diligence, they'll also know. It didn't come as a surprise
> to either transit provider that they were going to fill their pipes
> into at least some eyeball provider peers. Cogent is notoriously hard
> nosed when it comes to disputes, and Level3 caved very early in the
> fight. Anyway, this is a simple peering dispute between carriers that
> almost certainly knew they were participating with the internet's
> number one traffic generator and eyeballs wanting to get back into the
> contractual green. Also, I don't think it's out of line for anyone to
> ask for free stuff.

I might be misreading your posting here, Jason, but it sounds as if you
are playing into Verizon's argument that this traffic is somehow Netflix's
*fault*/"responsibility", rather than merely being the other side of 
flows *initiated by Verizon FiOS customers*.

Did I misunderstand you?

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