Muni Fiber and Politics

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Lots of blame to go around.  Verizon isn't an eyeball only network
(Comcast would have a more difficult time describing itself as
anything but), so a reasonable peering policy should apply.  In
Verizon's case, 1.8:1.  I speculate that without Netflix, Cogent and
L3 are largely within the specifications of their peering agreements.
Netflix knows how much traffic it sends.  If its transit is doing
their due diligence, they'll also know.  It didn't come as a surprise
to either transit provider that they were going to fill their pipes
into at least some eyeball provider peers.  Cogent is notoriously hard
nosed when it comes to disputes, and Level3 caved very early in the
fight.  Anyway, this is a simple peering dispute between carriers that
almost certainly knew they were participating with the internet's
number one traffic generator and eyeballs wanting to get back into the
contractual green.  Also, I don't think it's out of line for anyone to
ask for free stuff.

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>> > I am equally certain that some there
>> > were some folks, perhaps lawyers, who said this gives us a better
>> > position to argue from if we need to against Netflix.
>> wasn't this part of the verizon network specifically NOT the red part
>> in the verizon blog?
>> (so I'm unclear how this change is in any way related to
>> verizon/netflix issues)
> I made the argument, so I'll clarify.
> One of the arguments which was put up for why this was Verizontal's problem
> was that they should have *understood* that if they deployed an eyeball
> network which was *by design* asymmetrical downhill, that that's how
> their peering would look too -- asymmetrical incoming; the thing they're
> complaining about now.
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