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I really doubt that the guys who designed Verizon's access network had
anything to do or say about their peering nor do I believe there was a
cross departmental design meeting to talk about optimal peering to work
with the access technology.  The group responsible for peering and other
transit operations and planning probably pre-dated FiOS being at scale by
decades.  Asymmetrical networks from telecom operators is and has been the
norm world wide for a very long time.  We're only now getting to a place
where that consideration is even being talked about and even now none of
the "common" approaches for access give symmetrical traffic except for
Ethernet.  I'd like to see EPON more common, but the traditional telco
vendors either don't offer it or its just now becoming available.

Again, I have no doubt that _after the fact_ someone at Verizon said that
this is a good because it helps with the Netflix flap, but drawing
causality between their prior asymmetrical offering and the way they went
after transit is a mistake IMO.

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> > > I am equally certain that some there
> > > were some folks, perhaps lawyers, who said this gives us a better
> > > position to argue from if we need to against Netflix.
> >
> > wasn't this part of the verizon network specifically NOT the red part
> > in the verizon blog?
> > (so I'm unclear how this change is in any way related to
> > verizon/netflix issues)
> I made the argument, so I'll clarify.
> One of the arguments which was put up for why this was Verizontal's problem
> was that they should have *understood* that if they deployed an eyeball
> network which was *by design* asymmetrical downhill, that that's how
> their peering would look too -- asymmetrical incoming; the thing they're
> complaining about now.
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