Muni Fiber and Politics

Jay Ashworth jra at
Mon Jul 21 14:20:32 UTC 2014

Over the last decade, 19 states have made it illegal for municipalities
to own fiber networks -- encouraged largely, I am told, by Verizon and 
other cable companies/MSOs[1].

Verizon, of course, isn't doing any new FiOS deployments, per a 2010
press release[2].

FCC Chair Tom Wheeler has been making noises lately that he wants the FCC
to preempt the field on this topic, making such deployments legal.

Congressional Republicans think that's a bad idea:

[ and here's the backgrounder on the amendment: ]

While I generally try to avoid bringing up topics on NANOG that are political;
this one seems to be directly in our wheelhouse, and unavoidably political.
My apologies in advance; let's all try to be grownups, shall we?

-- jra

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