Best practice for BGP session/ full routes for customer

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Thanks everyone for insightful answers!

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> On Monday, July 14, 2014 07:32:43 PM Jeff Tantsura wrote:
> > Mark,
> >
> > BGP to RIB filtering (in any vendor implementation) is
> > targeting RR which is not in the forwarding path, so
> > there¹s no forwarding towards any destination filtered
> > out from RIB.
> > Using it selectively on a forwarding node is error prone
> > and in case of incorrect configuration would result in
> > blackholing.
> As with every feature on a router, you need to know what
> you're doing to make it work.
> Don't blame the cows if you turn on knobs you have no
> business using, or don't care to learn the risks of.
> We use this feature in our network successfully, because we
> know what we're doing, and care to understand the risks.
> If I use it in a manner other than previously directed
> (while I know it's a use-case, I've never heard of any
> vendor saying it ONLY targeted out-of-path route reflectors,
> but then again, I don't generally walk vendor corridors for
> the scoop), well, welcome to the Internet; where core
> routers can either be behemoths that move air the size of a
> football field and could be mistaken for seismic detection
> machines, or last generation's x86 home desktop running
> Quagga and grandma's health app :-).
> Mark.


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