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> On Jul 17, 2014, at 5:19 AM, Jared Mauch <jared at> wrote:
> The problem is partly a technological one.  If you have a fiber span from east<-> west it doesn't make sense to OEO when you can just plop in a bidi amplifier.

Almost certainly, most of the fiber going through the building just hits an amplifier (or nothing and isn't broken out there).  Yes.

But they quoted a price for access, and some research turned up signs other people are doing big fiber out of that location, so my assumption at this point is that at least one pair each direction down the fiber is terminating in some router there.  Possibly a fiber level wave device but seems more likely a router.

Unless that assumption is not true, this comes down to "We don't want your antenna on our roof*, come in via fiber like everyone else" and not having met the right Layer 3 reseller yet.  It's not sounding at all like "we have to break open a fiber for you and put in a router".

(The rest of this indirectly aimed back at Brett, not Jared )

It's not 1995.  Even little ISPs need to get aware and step their game up.  Treating transit or uplink like a 1995 problem IS a short road to damnation now.

Seriously.  The net is changing. The customers are changing, the customers uses and expectations are changing.  Change with it, or step out of the way.  You are not an exception because you're rural. You've just got a density and size lag.  That is temporary at best.  Keep up.  This is critical national telecommunications infrastructure.  Modern teens have mostly never used landline phones and are not OK with inadequate bandwidth at home or on the road.

Being in Laramie is not a shield against change.

* probably expands to " aren't big enough for me to bother working with my facility staff and filling out the paperwork to get an exception or lease amendment or permit and let you put an antenna on our roof, sorry", but this is an educated guess not informed.

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