Cable Company Network Upgrade

Toney Mareo halflife4 at
Fri Jul 18 09:42:08 UTC 2014


I working on a plan about improving/upgrading a Euro-DOCSIS3 based cable network with the following requirements (very briefly):

-20 CMTS-es on different locations needs to be connected to the network
All of these locations currently connecting to the internet through 1Gbit/s link through a single internet provider, I have to upgrade them to be able to connect to at least 2 but ideally 3 ISPs at the same time and use their links for failover (do bgp peering as well).

What type of *budget* routers would you recommend to use for this purpose if cisco is not an option (the company doesn't want to buy cisco equipment)? If you can please give me exact model numbers.

The company has over 35K customers at the moment which use various cable modems on different areas (docsis1-3). In the future this network has to be able to provide, max 240Mb download/30 Mb upload speed per customer.

I also have to give them a proposal about what type of docsis3 cable modems should they buy in the future.
And in addition they need some ABR video streaming solution.

I know it's a very brief statement and I left out a lot details, so any hw suggestions are more than welcome.

Have a nice day folks!

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