Best practice for BGP session/ full routes for customer

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at
Fri Jul 18 00:39:12 UTC 2014

On Monday, July 14, 2014 07:32:43 PM Jeff Tantsura wrote:

> Mark,
> BGP to RIB filtering (in any vendor implementation) is
> targeting RR which is not in the forwarding path, so
> there¹s no forwarding towards any destination filtered
> out from RIB.
> Using it selectively on a forwarding node is error prone
> and in case of incorrect configuration would result in
> blackholing.

As with every feature on a router, you need to know what 
you're doing to make it work.

Don't blame the cows if you turn on knobs you have no 
business using, or don't care to learn the risks of.

We use this feature in our network successfully, because we 
know what we're doing, and care to understand the risks.

If I use it in a manner other than previously directed 
(while I know it's a use-case, I've never heard of any 
vendor saying it ONLY targeted out-of-path route reflectors, 
but then again, I don't generally walk vendor corridors for 
the scoop), well, welcome to the Internet; where core 
routers can either be behemoths that move air the size of a 
football field and could be mistaken for seismic detection 
machines, or last generation's x86 home desktop running 
Quagga and grandma's health app :-).

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