BGP Session

Jonathan Lassoff jof at
Thu Jul 17 00:50:00 UTC 2014

Wow -- be careful playing with public eBGP sessions unless you know
what you're doing. It can affect the entire Internet.

Since you're just connecting to a single upstream ISP, you wont
qualify for a public AS number. So, you'll have to work with your
upstream ISP to agree on a private AS number you can use.
You will be setting up an eBGP session (which is a session between two
different AS numbers, as opposed to iBGP, wherein the AS numbers are
the same).

As for running BGP on a dedicated server, it'll depend on the OS in
use. Assuming Linux, take a look at Quagga, BIRD, and ExaBGP.

It may be a *lot* easier for you to just have your upstream ISP
announce your IP space, and route it to your dedicated server, unless
you need the ability to turn it off and on over time.


On Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 1:05 AM, Abuse Contact
<stopabuseandreport at> wrote:
> Hi,
> So I just purchased a Dedicated server from this one company and I have a
> /24 IPv4 block that I bought from a company on WebHostingTalk, but I am
> clueless on how to setup the /24 IPv4 block using the BGP Session. I want
> to set it up to run through their network as if it was one of their IPs,
> etc. I keep seeing things like iBGP (which I think means like a inner
> routing BGP) and eBGP (what I'm talking about??) but I have no idea how to
> set those up or which one I would need.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks!

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