Net Neutrality...

Michael Hallgren m.hallgren at
Wed Jul 16 21:31:39 UTC 2014

Le 16/07/2014 17:45, Eric Brunner-Williams a écrit :
> On 7/16/14 7:50 AM, Fred Baker (fred) wrote:
>> Relevant article by former FCC Chair
> It reads like a hit piece (by a Republican "free markets" ideologue)
> on a (Progressive) Democratic primary candidate for Lt. Governor of
> New York, not like a reasoned case by an informed policy analyst.
> YMMV, of course.

I tend to agree ;-) Now, what's the ops content of this discussion?
Might be a better choice to reroute this discussion
to a suitable ISOC forum? I don't judge, but I think the debate is of
great value, but not necessarily ``here'', but rather
``there''?---see you there? ;-)



> Eric

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