Net Neutrality...

Bob Evans bob at
Wed Jul 16 03:28:22 UTC 2014

Oh I agree Brett. My point was for flecher. We lost business once the
government school discount happened. Its an example to what you speak
of....all the time red tape overhead designed to give to LEcs business.
And one of my companies is a CLEC.
Thank You
Bob Evans

> I'll just say that we've consulted legal counsel about what it would take
> to become an ETC, and it's simply too burdensome for us to consider. We'd
> need to become a telephone company, at the very time when old fashioned
> telephone service is becoming a thing of the past. (We enthusiastically
> support "over the top" VoIP so that we can help our customers get
> inexpensive
> telephone service without ourselves having to be a telephone company.)
> --Brett Glass
> At 07:53 PM 7/15/2014, Bob Evans wrote:
>>I think your point needs to be explained. Because anything gnment is
>>riddled will large carrier benefiting. Look at the school discounts for
>>internet services...pretty much just for LECs.
>>Thank You
>>Bob Evans

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