Net Neutrality...

Brett Glass nanog at
Tue Jul 15 19:08:58 UTC 2014

At 12:19 PM 7/15/2014, Barry Shein wrote:

>There exists a low and high (practical) bandwidth range within which
>it simply doesn't make any difference to a given business model.

Very true. And there's another factor to consider.

Estimates of the maximum bandwidths of all the human senses, combined,
range between the capacity of a T1 line (at the low end) and
about 4 Mbps (at the high end). A human being simply is not wired to
accept more input. (Yes, machines could digest more... which means that
additional bandwidth to and from the home might be useful for the purpose
of spying on us.) What does this imply about the FCC's proposal to
redefine "broadband" as a symmetrical 10 Mbps?


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