Inevitable death, was Re: Verizon Public Policy on Netflix

Brett Glass nanog at
Tue Jul 15 15:03:34 UTC 2014

At 06:49 AM 7/15/2014, Baldur Norddahl wrote:
>Ah but they are charging you for it. You are paying approximately 40x as
>much for your bandwidth as you should be (you said you paid 20 USD/Mbps -
>an outrageous rate). You have a link to a place where you can buy 1 Gbps
>flatrate for USD 500 per month, so why aren't you?

Because I'd be charged at least as much per Mbps for raw transport as I
am paying now. (I look at pricing every quarter to see if I can do
better. Because I'm rural it has not happened.)

--Brett Glass

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