provisioning (was: endless pissing about vz and netflux)

Randy Bush randy at
Tue Jul 15 06:52:31 UTC 2014

> I recall phoning AT&T once asking for 100m service at a commercial
> address and it took a swat-team of people on the phone to tell me they
> would be 4x/mo what I was paying..  I politely told them they were too
> expensive and to not schedule a 8 person conference call for a basic
> service level.

i remember calling a very large telco to order a ds3 (yes, it was a
while ago).  they transferred me to engineering to see if they had
capacity.  engineering told me to hang on, and then i heard a lot
of rustling of paper.  i knew that even if i could get the circuit i
would not want it.


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