Inevitable death, was Re: Verizon Public Policy on Netflix

Hugo Slabbert hugo at
Tue Jul 15 02:46:12 UTC 2014

Hi Brett,

>Why don't you simply ask me? 

I can only speak for myself, but I thought that's kind of what I and others 
were doing in replying to your messages, stating either support or 
counterpoints, and asking questions (?).  With this being a list and your (as 
of recently) being a member of the list, my assumption (and I'm betting 
others') is that it's a conversation and in our replies, you may be inclined to 
respond or you may not.

>There have been a huge number of incorrect, mostly speculative assertions made 
>about my business in this thread, but I simply don't have time to correct all 
>of them (I have a business to run and customers to help).

And that's fine; you're under zero obligation to anyone on the list.  That 
said: finding radio silence, chances are the conversation will carry on and 
we're left to guessing/theorizing/extrapolating.

When I said "I really don't understand the line of reasoning..." I wasn't being 
flippant.  I just know how things look from my own experience; I don't know the 
full details of your business and so I honestly don't know what led to your 
take on the topic.  Your experience dealing with Netflix has obviously been 
more negative than mine, and I don't fully get why that is.

The prevailing trend seems to be that Netflix generally doesn't have trouble 
getting content to access providers' door steps, with several options for 
providers on how to receive that content that covers different traffic levels.  
In the same way as you don't owe them any special treatment, though, I don't 
see how they owe you (or any of us) special treatment either.

But, like I said:  I don't know the details of your business or the specifics 
of how this plays out for you, but I am eager to hear it.  More information is 
helpful, and if we only ever hear from people with the same view/experience, 
we're not very likely to get the whole picture...


On Mon 2014-Jul-14 17:45:56 -0600, Brett Glass <nanog at> wrote:
>At 02:42 PM 7/14/2014, George Herbert wrote:
>>> On Jul 14, 2014, at 10:41 AM, Matthew Petach <mpetach at> wrote:
>>> Brett's concerns seem to center around his
>>> ability to be cost-competitive with the big
>>> guys in his area...which implies there *are*
>>> big guys in his area to have to compete with.
>>He 's running wireless links, from web and prior info as I recall.  
>>His key business seems to be outside the cable tv / DSL wire loop 
>>ranges from wire centers.  The bigger services seem to have fiber 
>>into Laramie, and Brett seems to have fiber to that Denver exchange 
>>pointlet .
>>Why he's not getting fiber to a bigger exchange point or better 
>>transit is unclear.
>Why don't you simply ask me? There have been a huge number of 
>incorrect, mostly speculative assertions made about my business in 
>this thread, but I simply don't have time to correct all of them (I 
>have a business to run and customers to help).
>--Brett Glass
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