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> On Sun, 13 Jul 2014 22:17:33 -0400, Jay Ashworth said:
> > You're a terminating, or 'eyeball', network if the preponderance of
> > your
> > customers are end-users, resi or biz. Small-biz networks that are
> > single
> > uplink count here, yes.
> >
> > You're a transit network, if the preponderance of your customers are
> > other networks, including larger business networks that are or might
> > become multi-homed. In short, if the plurality of your customers
> > have
> > an ASN.
> And for a chunk of time, we looked like a transit network for traffic
> that
> passed through us heading for Internet2, if you were looking at us
> from the
> Internet2 side, and damned few eyeballs unless you call a few dozen
> clusters eyeballs.
> But if you were looking at us from our Cogent upstream, we looked like
> an
> eyeball network because we didn't provide those downstreams any
> transit in
> Cogent's direction, so all that was visible was our tens of thousands
> of
> eyeballs that were all looking at stuff that wasn't on Internet2.

> So as I said, it depends on where you were looking at us from.

What you *look like from outside* depends on whence you look, yes...

But that doesn't affect what you *are*; my definition was based on the
view of the mythical superobserver *above* flatland, who can see 
everything cause he's at right angles to it; the majority of ASs, I would
venture to speculate, veer sharply in one direction or the other -- even
if that's because a transit operator acquired an eyeball operator, or
vice versa, and those parts are in separate ASen.

Do we have disagreement on that point?  I've mostly been above the forest,
rather than in the trees...

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